Legal Restrictions Removed Following Shake-Up

Following a shake-up of legal services, restrictions on where legal products may be sold have been removed, with three firms already being handed licenses to operate as Alternative Business Structures (ABSs).

Under the “Tesco Law” legal services can be offered alongside businesses, including banks, supermarkets and High Street stores; whilst the new system will also allow solicitors to seek external investment in new ways. Continue reading

Employment Law | David Cameron Supported Donor’s Policy to Fire Employees Without Right to Claim Unfair Dismissal

With just over a week until the new employment laws come into force, it has been revealed that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, backed a proposed dilution of workplace rights in a report from a major donor to the Conservative Party. Continue reading

Immigration Law | Thousands of Immigrants Illegally Enter UK Under New Visa System

A National Audit Office report, set to be released today, on the UK Border Agency, reveals that up to 50,000 immigrants have illegally enteredBritain, pretending to be students.

Following a new visa system which was introduced in 2009, the National Audit Office has seen an increase in students entering the country; but it is believed many of these are on fake visa. Continue reading

Defamation | McCann’s Urge PM to Save ‘No Win, No Fee’ For Libel Cases

Kate and Gerry McCann have joined a list of campaigners who have written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging him to abandon the government’s plans to alter ‘no win, no fee’ legal agreements.

The campaigners, including the McCann’s, have warned the government within the letter that plans to rewrite what are known as conditional fee agreements (CFAs) will ensure that only the rich have access to justice in future. Continue reading