Actress wins discrimination case against Post Office

An actress with dwarfism has won a disability discrimination case against the Post Office, after finding she could not reach the chip-and-pin machine at her local branch.

Kiruna Stamell said she had been embarrassed by the attempts of staff to make steps from cardboard boxes so that she could use the device, which was fastened to the counter.

Following the incident, she claimed discrimination on the grounds that the organisation had failed to make reasonable adjustments to machines to allow for her restricted height (she is just over a metre tall).

Earlier this month, the courts found in the 33-year-old’s favour – a result which could set an important precedent.

Recalling her experience, the actress told the BBC that she had felt “humiliated”.

“When I shop at most places, I am usually handed the pin machine by shop staff, so I can privately enter my pin,” said Mr Stamell, who has previously appeared in EastEnders.

“Unfortunately, I had several negative experiences at post office counters and for many years I have had difficulty paying for their goods and services. After a couple of really upsetting experiences at various branches, I realised, something needed to change.”

A Post Office spokesman said the organisation had taken action to address the issue.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for the millions of people who visit our branches each week to access our services. We listen to our customers and are pleased to be making the improvements needed following the concerns raised by Kiruna Stamell.

“As a result we are now introducing these changes to pin pads in over 300 of our biggest branches in high streets and city centre. Pin pads are being adapted by introducing a flex which allows them to be removed from their holder.”

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Nigel is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution in the London office of Mackrell Turner Garrett.