Court gives Frome man a conditional discharge after threatening his neighbour

Somerset Magistrates have given a Frome man a conditional discharge after hearing that he shouted abuse and threatened to kill his neighbour as he got into a taxi outside his home.

Paul Francis Twardochleb was witnessed to have leant out of the front seat of a taxi so that he could shout and swear at another gentleman – Mr Leon Haynes – who was stood on the driveway of his property.

Mr Twardochleb closed the taxi door following the verbal assault and was driven away, but police later arrested him.

Julyan Stephens, prosecuting, said that an eyewitness who had seen the incident take place made a statement to say that: “She could hear shouting and swearing and saw the defendant sitting in the front seat of a taxi while Mr Haynes was stood in his drive.”

Mr Twardochleb pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards Mr Haynes, but the defending solicitor – Robin Weelen – emphasised that his client suffered from mental health problems.

He also reminded the court that his client had recently been admitted to hospital for a mental health assessment.

Mr Weeland added: “There is a dispute as to quite what happened this day, but after he was arrested he was kept in custody for two days and put into a caged van which was not a pleasant experience for him.

“For the last three weeks he has been living in Somerton with his stepmother but it is not the right place for him to be living and needs to go back home to Frome where he feels safe.”

Mr Twardochleb was given a 12-month conditional discharge and was also ordered to pay £50 towards costs as well as a £15 victim surcharge.

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