Grantham retailer given a £1,000 fine after being found guilty of fly-tipping

Irena Kundrotaite, a Grantham businesswoman, has been fined after pleading guilty to illegally dumping used boxes and crates in a lay-by on the A52 at Swaton.

Grantham Magistrates’ Court heard that Ms Kundrotaite dropped off two empty cardboard boxes and crates at the stopping point, and then intentionally left them there before driving away in her van.

South Kesteven District Council took Ms Kundrotaite to court for her actions and produced recorded evidence of her fly-tipping last year, which had been filmed by CCTV cameras near the site.

Ms Kundrotaite, who runs a retail business with her partner, stated that she did not realise leaving the boxes and crates was an offence, or that there were signs at the site to warn of CCTV cameras being in operation.

She pleaded guilty to flouting the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and was served with a fine of £300, in addition to being ordered to pay costs of £700 as well as a £30 victim surcharge.

Ian McDonnell, the magistrate presiding over the case, said: “You pleaded guilty to this offence and we think as a director of a business you would be aware you cannot just throw your rubbish anywhere.

“We are regarding this as reckless but with respect to the category it is at the lowest end of risk or harm, a band C fine.”

Fly-tipping is a growing problem for councils across the UK.

The cost of clearing illegally abandoned waste, as well as the health and safety issues that can arise from it, means that an increasing number of local authorities are putting more efforts into finding fly-tippers and bringing them to justice through the courts.

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