Tory councillor Jonny Bucknell exposed as rogue landlord and prosecuted by his own council

Former Conservative housing chief, Jonny Bucknell, has admitted to being a rogue landlord after his own council recently raised a prosecution against him.

Bucknell, 58, confirmed that he failed to carry out essential improvements on a home he lets out following action by London’s Camden Council.

Bucknell has pleaded guilty to the offence, but requested additional time to build up a sufficient defence before he is sentenced.

The ex-housing spokesperson failed to make the repairs on the rundown home despite numerous online boasts that his father, Barry Bucknell, was the hero of postwar Britain’s DIY movement. BBC Show Bucknell’s Do It Yourself formerly attracted millions of viewers, and helped popularise homespun repair shows on British television.

Bucknell’s controversial guilty plea came just a week after Conservative MPs voted against a law forcing homes to be fit for human habitation. New laws called for by shadow housing minister Teresa Pearce would have required all private sector landlords to make sure their properties are fit for tenants to live in.

However, the amendment was defeated by 219 votes, to 312, after Tory minister Marcus Jones claimed it would saddle landlords with “unnecessary regulation”.

Bucknell will be sentenced later this month for failing to comply with an improvement notice to carry out specified works on a tenanted property in poor condition of disrepair.

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Nigel is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution in the London office of Mackrell Turner Garrett.