Wealthy UK woman appeals “intrinsically unfair” divorce settlement

A wealthy UK woman is appealing an “intrinsically unfair” divorce settlement which saw her ex-husband awarded almost half of her self-made £7million fortune.

According to reports, Mrs Julie Sharp, a successful City trader who amassed “eye-watering” bonuses totalling £10.5m in just five years, married IT consultant Robin Sharp during the peak of her “soaring” successes.

But the duo separated just four years later when Mrs Sharp found out that her husband had long been “pursuing another relationship”.

The disgruntled divorcee told a Court that she had purchased two luxury properties in Gloucestershire for herself and her ex-husband to enjoy during their “brief and childless marriage”.

She also purchased an expensive Aston Martin as a “present” for her husband, and claims that she predominantly funded their lavish lifestyle.

However, Mr Sharp insists that he too made a major contribution to the marriage in taking redundancy from work in 2012 to oversee the extensive renovation of one of their Gloucestershire properties.

In 2013, a High Court Judge handed IT Consultant Mr Sharp a £2.7m pay-out in a “clean break” divorce settlement, which the disgruntled ex-City trader has described as “intrinsically unfair”.

The divorcee is currently fighting to have her divorce settlement to her ex-husband cut to £1.5m.

Three Appeals Court Judges have reserved their decision on her appeal.

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Alison Green
Alison joined Mackrell Turner Garrett in 1989 and qualified as a solicitor in 1991, becoming a partner in the firm in 2010.
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