Woman wins £10,500 pay-out at sex discrimination Tribunal

A UK woman who brought legal action against the boss of a pharmaceutical company on grounds of sex discrimination has been awarded £10,500 by a Tribunal.

Ms Lucia Pagliarone, 29, worked as a Personal Assistant for Mr David Noakes at Guernsey pharmaceutical firm, Immuno Biotech, for six months before handing in her resignation.

In 2015, a Tribunal heard that Ms Pagliarone experienced “sexist personal remarks” and “a series of angry outbursts” from Mr Noakes over the course of her employment – and subsequently awarded the disgruntled PA £10,500 in damages.

Mr Noakes appealed against the decision in May – but his appeal was quickly dismissed.

“I know some people will think I was just after the money. But I wanted to say that you can’t treat people like this. Too much of this goes on in the workplace and it was important to stand up and be counted,” said Ms Pagliarone, commenting on the case.

The Guernsey mother described her experience working at Immuno Biotech as “shambolic”.

Ms Pagliarone said that while sitting in on interviews with Mr Noakes, her boss dismissed applicants for vacancies within the company with comments such as: “I can’t hire her, as she’s ugly and overweight and I only employ beautiful women”.

A Tribunal ruled that a number of Mr Noakes’ remarks were inappropriate and constituted an “intimidating, hostile and humiliating working environment”.

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