Month: March 2012

Legal Restrictions Removed Following Shake-Up

The introduction of the so-called “Tesco law” will allow legal services to be offered alongside businesses including supermarkets and banks, increasing the competition; as our latest blog post explains.

Intellectual Property | Copyright Law Reforms Will Impact Businesses

It has been argued that the Hargreaves Review’s proposed changes to the copyright law will severely impact businesses; as this blog explains.

Employment Law | David Cameron Supported Donor’s Policy to Fire Employees Without Right to Claim Unfair Dismissal

It has been reported that the Prime Minister supported proposals put forward from a party donor to fire unproductive workers without the right to claim unfair dismissal.

Immigration Law | Thousands of Immigrants Illegally Enter UK Under New Visa System

A National Audit Office report, set to be released today, on the UK Border Agency, reveals that up to 50,000 immigrants have illegally entered Britain; as our blog explains.

Defamation | McCann’s Urge PM to Save ‘No Win, No Fee’ For Libel Cases

Kate and Gerry McCann are amongst a group of campaigners who have called for the government to abandon plans to alter CFA’s; as this latest post explains.

Intellectual Property | Facebook Shore Up Legal Defences With Patent Purchase

Facebook has moved to shore up its legal defence against a patent infringement claim from Yahoo! by purchasing over seven hundred patents from IBM, as this latest blog explains.

Immigration Law | New Visa Route for Non-EU Artists

It has been announced that the Home Office are to relax the immigration rules for non-EU artists who are visiting the UK temporarily, as our blog explains.

Intellectual Property | Copyright a Vital Source of Income for Artists

As the consultation period for the government’s proposed changes to the UK’s copyright system closes; Musicians’ Union has emphasised the importance of fair copyright law.

Employment Law | Minimum Wage Increase

As part of employment law reforms which are being made, it has been announced that from October 2012, the minimum wage is to increase; as our blog explains.

Defamation | Call for Libel Costs to be Reduced

The Alternative Libel Project have published a report calling for a series of steps to be taken to reduce libel case costs, as this latest blog explains.