Author: Alison Green

Divorce enquiries “increased by 93 per cent” during first national lockdown, official figures reveal

Divorce enquires increased by more than 90 per cent during the first national lockdown compared to the previous year, a major study has revealed.

New guide to help divorcing couples understand pension rights in divorce

A charity has urged divorcing couples to consider how their pensions will be split before agreeing to a financial settlement.

UK Privy Council to rule in British Overseas Territory same-sex marriage dispute

The UK Privy Council has reserved judgment in a case which could see same-sex marriage banned in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, it has been reported.

Divorce enquiries “up by 250 per cent”, study reveals

Divorce enquiries increased by around 250 per cent during the first and second national lockdown, a major study has revealed.

Domestic Abuse Bill receives long-awaited second Lords reading

The Domestic Abuse Bill will soon be enshrined into law after receiving its second reading in the House of Lords this week, policymakers have suggested.

Two in five parents unsatisfied with remote family court proceedings, study reveals

Two in five (40 per cent) parents and relatives say they “did not understand what had happened” during a remote or hybrid family court hearing, a major study has revealed.

Thousands of divorced women “missing out” on pension entitlements, study suggests

Thousands of women who divorce in later life may be “missing out on huge sums” in state pension rights, a major study has revealed.

Divorced women “often left with fewer financial resources for later life”, study reveals

Just 14 per cent of divorce settlements include pension sharing provisions, often leaving women with “fewer financial resources for later life”, a major study has revealed.

Divorcing couples advised to speak to lawyers ahead of end of Brexit transition period

Partners in contentious divorces involving assets, family etc. in EU countries should speak to a lawyer “as soon as possible” ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period, the Government has said.

Opposite-sex couples flock to form civil partnerships on the first day of legislation changes, figures reveal

Some 167 opposite-sex couples formed a civil partnership on the first day it was possible to do so following legislative changes, it has been revealed.