Author: Alison Green

Family court judge rejects 28 identical ‘DIY’ divorce applications

Family law specialists have warned about the dangers of using unregulated legal services after a number of identical divorce petitions were rejected by the family court this month. It comes after Mr Justice Moor turned down 28 Do it Yourself (DIY) divorce applications that failed to meet the minimum legal requirement for separation. According to…
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Financial barriers preventing marriage, study reveals

More adults would marry if the costs of tying the knot weren’t so high, a major study has revealed. The research, published by the Marriage Foundation, highlights the financial challenges and barriers facing cohabiting couples today.

Councils must provide victims of domestic abuse with “safe accommodation” under new rules

Local authorities must now provide support and safe accommodation to victims of domestic abuse, it has been announced. It comes after the Government set out new guidance on how councils can support families suffering at the hands of an abuser.

Father who breached court order and disappeared with son handed four-month jail sentence

A father who breached a court order and disappeared with his four-year-old son has been jailed, reports have revealed. Earlier this year, a Family Court judge ruled that the child should live with his mother and made an order allowing the father, who is in his 40s, to see his son on certain days.

Family law cases rise to record levels as court backlog prevents timely resolutions

The number of new family law cases increased significantly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, new figures have revealed. The research, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), underlines the significant impact Covid-19 has had on families.

Divorced woman awarded £60,000 after wrongly assuming she was not entitled to state pension

A divorced woman has received a back payment of more than £60,000 after wrongly assuming she was not entitled to a pension, reports have revealed. Under the old state pension system, the basic state pension – currently worth up to £137.60 per week – is based on an individual’s National Insurance (NI) record. It means…
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Study highlights importance of pension sharing on divorce

The financial implications of divorce are far greater for women than men, a major study has revealed. The research, published by the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA), suggests that pension inequality is leading to higher rates of poverty among women in later life. According to the report, men within couples have “substantially…
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‘Bride price’ ruling may align UK legislation with sharia law

Solicitors are awaiting a family court ruling that could align an element of UK legislation with sharia law. The case, reported by the Guardian newspaper, concerns the UK’s position on ‘bride price’ payments and how they should be considered in financial settlements. Here’s what you need to know. What is ‘bride price’?

Experts highlight benefits of cohabitation agreements as marriage rates fall to “lowest on record”

Fewer opposite-sex couples married in 2018 than in any other year on record, a major study has revealed. Experts said the finding is unsurprising given the rise in popularity of cohabitation, but the lack of legal protection among cohabiting couples is concerning.

Four in 10 divorcing couples “not aware” of alternative dispute resolution, study reveals

Almost four in 10 separated couples say they were not aware of alternative dispute resolution at the time of their divorce, a major study has revealed. The finding forms part of new research delving into the experiences of 1,000 divorcees across the UK.