Author: Mackrell Turner Garrett Solicitors in London

44 per cent of over 50’s review their Wills multiple times

A YouGov survey has revealed that 44 per cent of over-50s have changed their Will several times due to the complexities of modern family relationships.

Rules for Energy efficiency comes into force for landlords in England and Wales

Brand new energy efficiency rules for landlords of rental properties in England and Wales are now set in place. The new rules went through in the middle of March, setting out new energy requirements to be in place from 01 April 2019.

Probate fee rise delayed as parliamentary time limited

Changes to probate fees have been delayed because of time limitations due to Brexit debates and motions, a draft statutory device is still waiting for an approval motion in the Commons.

The JP Morgan Cryptoasset – A Legal Update

JP Morgan, one of the largest investment banks in the United States has created its own cryptoasset. Participants in the blockchain and cryptoasset community have criticised this news as Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s Chief Executive has criticised the cryptoasset, Bitcoin, quite heavily in the past. It is important to note, however, that Dimon’s critique of…
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Can you buy a property with Cryptoassets – no matter what the price?

Can it be done? Yes, and we have the specialist knowledge to show you how. Since 2017, many individuals have accumulated a vast amount of cryptoassets, which have values of many thousands and hundreds of thousands of pounds; so valuable that you may consider exchanging these cryptoassets for a residential or commercial property. When considering…
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Important: UK citizens need to be aware of lasting power of attorney

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) allows UK citizens to choose someone to act on their behalf in case they are incapacitated – whether it be through illness, an accident, or a lack of mental capacity – but only 14 per cent of people have set it up.

Divorce rates for newlyweds half in last 25 years

According to new research, the number of newlywed couples divorcing after three years of marriage has dropped by half over the last 25 years.