Author: Uzma Rabi

How can employers navigate discrimination and harassment in the workplace?

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can be difficult and complex issues for employers to navigate. It is important to understand the legal implications of discrimination and harassment claims and the steps that should be taken to address these issues. Types of discrimination and harassment First, it is important to understand the different types of…
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Maternity, paternity, and parental leave: what do you need to know?

Understanding legal obligations and best practices related to maternity, paternity, and parental leave is crucial for employers. You may be feeling uncertain about your legal obligations if you have an employee who needs maternity or paternity leave, so it’s important to take the following into consideration. Know the law Stay updated on current laws and…
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Employment contracts: What do you need to know?

An employment contract serves as the foundation of the working relationship between employers and employees, outlining each party’s rights, responsibilities, and expectations. A well-drafted contract helps prevent misunderstandings, protect your business’s interests, and reduces the likelihood of employment disputes. Clear job description and duties A comprehensive job description sets expectations and helps to establish the…
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