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Top mistakes made when conducting a merger or acquisition

Selling or merging a business can feel like an overwhelming process, with many legal points to be considered. If you are a seller in a merger and acquisition transaction, you should avoid the most common five mistakes others have made to ensure a successful transaction. Having a lack of information about the current condition of…
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Shares within a company and how they differ

When it comes to shares within your business, it is often the case that there may only be one class of shares; however, there are multiple classes that your business can have at once. Different classes of shares will hold different voting, dividend and capital rights and the owner(s) of each company can decide how…
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NDAs during the process of selling your business – why are they important?

Selling your business can involve disclosing to potential buyers confidential information that would normally remain private. To ensure this information is still protected during the sale, you can use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which prevents anyone who has seen your confidential information from revealing it to another party with the threat of legal action as…
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