Category: Employment Law

Employers urged to address mental health in the workplace

New research published by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) in recent days suggests that UK employers need to do more to address mental health issues in the workplace.

Figures show record number of underpaid workers

The number of underpaid workers in the UK has more than doubled since 2016/17, according to official figures.

Employers urged to be more flexible with understanding of religious beliefs

Equalities Minister Victoria Atkins is warning businesses to be more understanding about the religious beliefs of their employees ahead of new official guidance that will crack down on ‘non-secular intolerance’.

Scaffolding firm fined over health and safety failings

A scaffolding company has been heavily fined over a number of health and safety failings which emerged after a new employee sustained work-related injuries.

Chief exec faces up to £1 million in fines over attempts to identify whistleblower

A chief executive at a prominent high street bank who took a number of steps to uncover a ‘whistleblowing’ employee is facing up to £1 million in fines.

Should employers who offer enhanced maternity pay also offer enhanced shared parental pay?

In a recent case concerning employers’ responsibilities in terms of shared parental pay, an Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that a company’s decision to refuse a new father enhanced pay while on shared parental leave did not constitute discrimination.

What happens if my employee is underperforming?

From time to time, employers are likely to run into problems with a member of staff who is no longer living up to their full potential.

NHS employers urged to consider ‘next steps’ to reduce workplace discrimination

A new report into the experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) workers has called on NHS employers to improve fairness in the workplace.

Important changes to termination payments just around the corner

Next month, important changes to termination payments will take effect – and employers need to be aware of these changes and how they will affect payments in lieu of notice (PILONs).

Employment Tribunal finds prison workers who raised safety fears were unfairly dismissed

An Employment Tribunal has found that two UK maintenance workers who raised health and safety concerns over changes to their work at a Liverpool prison were unfairly dismissed.