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Government announce £22million to help victims of domestic abuse

The Housing Minister, Heather Wheeler has announced a £22 million allocation for projects across the country to help support victims of domestic abuse.

Asylum seeker facing removal from UK despite child protection order

A failed asylum seeker is facing deportation from the UK despite a High Court judge ruling that her nine-year-old daughter could be subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) if she is sent home.

Opposite-sex Civil Partnerships Bill could be made law “within six months”

The Bill seeking to provide opposite-sex couples with the legal right to enter into a civil partnership has completed its passage through the House of Commons.

Marriage law to be overhauled as part of Budget

The Government is set to announce an overhaul of a 180-year-old law regarding wedding venues, to allow couples to get married outdoors in an attempt to make ceremonies more affordable.

Why cohabiting couples should write a Will

After research was published this month showing that more than half of parents with children under 18 have not made a Will, solicitors are warning cohabiting couples about the dangers of dying without plans for the distribution of their estate in place.

MP’s lead calls for more action to tackle domestic abuse

MP’s from the Home Affairs Select Committee have urged the Government to provide more support for victims of domestic abuse and widen its reforms as a matter of urgency.

Campaign group publish guidelines to ‘dignified’ reporting of domestic violence

A campaign group has created a set of media guidelines in a bid to limit the damage to victims and their families that undignified reports of domestic violence can cause.

Wife risks losing millions in property after legality of funds was questioned

The wife of a foreign banker risks losing millions of pounds in property unless she can explain how her fortune was made, a new report reveals.

Government extends civil partnerships to all

All couples in England and Wales will be given the opportunity to enter into a civil partnership rather than a marriage, the Prime Minister has revealed. In an announcement this week, Theresa May said she will ensure that both same-sex and opposite-sex couples will be given the same choices in life. The measure follows years…
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New figures show rise in men reporting domestic abuse to the police

New figures have revealed that the number of men reporting domestic abuse to the police has doubled over the last five years.