Category: Family Law

Identical twins both forced to pay child support after DNA test

A Brazilian court has ruled that a set of identical twins are both required to pay child support after a paternity test fails to determine who the baby’s father is.

Sweeping changes to divorce law to “end the blame game”

Couples in England and Wales will no longer have to prove that one partner is at fault in order to divorce, it has been confirmed.

MPs to debate increasing age of marriage in UK to 18

MPs are currently debating whether to increase the minimum age for marriage in the UK to 18 in a bid to help prevent forced marriages.

Charity calls for child domestic abuse victims to be given school priority

A charity report has said that children whose families have had to be relocated due to domestic violence should be given priority for school places.

Mixed-sex civil partnerships on the verge of becoming law

Reforms to the laws surrounding civil partnerships to extend them to mixed-sex-couples who do not wish to get married are on the verge of becoming law after they cleared parliament.

What happens if… I want to protect my assets before I get married?

Getting married is a wonderful, exciting time for couples. In the build-up to getting married and in the midst of arranging their perfect wedding, couples might not pay much attention to what could happen if their relationship doesn’t work out in the long-term.

Home Office announces measures to support male domestic violence victims

The Home Office has announced a series of measures to support men and boys who are victims of domestic abuse, including grants of up to £1 million.

MOJ to grant support to victims of domestic abuse in family courts

The Government has awarded £900,000 to two organisations who provide in-court support to victims of domestic abuse.

Charity launches legal challenge to protect vulnerable children

A children’s rights charity has launched legal action to get a document published as part of the Department for Education’s (DFE) programme removed from circulation.

Law Society warns couples about “common law” marriage myth

The Law Society of England and Wales has this month warned couples that there is legally no such thing as “common law” marriage.