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Thousands of divorced women “missing out” on pension entitlements, study suggests

Thousands of women who divorce in later life may be “missing out on huge sums” in state pension rights, a major study has revealed.

Divorced women “often left with fewer financial resources for later life”, study reveals

Just 14 per cent of divorce settlements include pension sharing provisions, often leaving women with “fewer financial resources for later life”, a major study has revealed.

Divorcing couples advised to speak to lawyers ahead of end of Brexit transition period

Partners in contentious divorces involving assets, family etc. in EU countries should speak to a lawyer “as soon as possible” ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period, the Government has said.

Opposite-sex couples flock to form civil partnerships on the first day of legislation changes, figures reveal

Some 167 opposite-sex couples formed a civil partnership on the first day it was possible to do so following legislative changes, it has been revealed.

Study highlights digital divorce success ahead of major family law reforms

The introduction of the digital divorce application process has helped reduced administrative errors from forty per cent to one per cent, new figures have shown.

Government invests in domestic abuse services as demand outstrips supply

More than £10 million in new funding will be invested into the development and maintenance of domestic abuse charities and services across England, it has been announced.

Courts to launch online service for care and supervision applications as part of digital family law reforms

Digital family law reforms, which had been held up as a result of Covid-19 disruption, will be rolled out from 14 September 2020, it has been revealed.

Married parents “twice as likely” to stay together as cohabiting couples, study reveals

Married parents are “almost twice as likely” to stay together as cohabiting ones, a major study has revealed.

Sir Elton John sued by former wife after breaching confidentiality clause in divorce settlement

Sir Elton John is being sued by his former wife for allegedly breaking a legal agreement written into their divorce settlement.

Two million cohabiting couples “live without legal protection”, study reveals

Some two million cohabiting couples in England have no legal protection should they separate, a major study has revealed.