Category: Family Law

“Overly complex” divorce system “fuels conflict”, says report

The current “overly complex” divorce system in England and Wales can “fuel conflict” and disadvantages people who represent themselves and those alleging abuse as grounds for divorce, a study has revealed.

Woman becomes first person in the UK to be convicted of FGM

The mother of a three-year-old girl has become the first person in the UK to be convicted of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK.

Calls for Government to deliver promise on civil partnerships for heterosexual couples

Campaigners who successfully fought for the Government to extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples are calling on the Government to deliver on its promise to act.

Draft Domestic Abuse Bill to include economic and non-physical abuse

The draft Domestic Abuse Bill has been published this week in a bid to further support victims and their families.

Children over age of seven more likely to suffer mental health problems following a divorce

According to the latest research children aged seven to fourteen are most likely to suffer problems with their mental health following parental divorce compared to other ages.

NSPCC calls for Government to recognise children as victims of domestic violence

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has called on the Government to recognise the harm that domestic abuse has on children and give them the victim status that would ensure they receive the services they need.

New £2.7 million fund to tackle parental conflict announced by Government

The Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance Justin Tomlinson has announced details of a new £2.7 million fund to increase support for disadvantaged families at risk of parental conflict.

New measures have “significant impact” on domestic abuse conviction rates

Measures that will help “drive up prosecutions” in domestic abuse cases are set to be rolled out across England and Wales.

Government set to review grandparents legal rights

Government ministers are considering changing divorce laws that would hand grandparents a legal right to see their grandchildren after a family split.

Charity calls for review of criminalisation of forced marriage

Campaigners are calling for a review of the criminalisation of forced marriage, claiming that the law stops victims from speaking up as they do not want to see their parents end up in jail.