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Lloyds offering 100 per cent mortgages to first-time buyers

First-time buyers will be able to receive a 100 per cent mortgage from Lloyds bank for the first time since the financial crisis. The caveat being that the lender must be assisted by a family member.

Can you buy a property with Cryptoassets – no matter what the price?

Can it be done? Yes, and we have the specialist knowledge to show you how. Since 2017, many individuals have accumulated a vast amount of cryptoassets, which have values of many thousands and hundreds of thousands of pounds; so valuable that you may consider exchanging these cryptoassets for a residential or commercial property. When considering…
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Crypto Update – FCA releases new guidance on Cryptoassets

The Financial Conduct Authority has released Guidance on how cryptoassets should be treated in relation to financial regulation. This will affect cryptoassets businesses as they will need to seek confirmation from issuers that their tokens do not fall within the scope of financial regulation. Additionally, many exchanges and custody agents will need to ensure that…
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FCA Guidance on Cryptoassets

Introduction The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) have released a consultation paper, Guidance on Cryptoassets. The paper can be found here. The purpose of the paper is to give guidance to the many different organisations, business and individuals operating in the cryptoasset sector. Jurisdictions outside of the United Kingdom (UK), such as the United States of…
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EU Parliament approves new copyright rules which could have ‘catastrophic’ implications

Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have approved articles 11 and 13 in a recent vote, in a move which could have ‘catastrophic’ implications for the internet, it has been warned.

China cracks down on blockchain and ICO’s

An article in the South China Morning Post newspaper on 24 August 2018 showed how China is poising to block foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Apparently, approximately 124 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges will be affected by this new law. The Shanghai Securities News reported recently that not only will offshore cryptocurrency providers be banned, but they will continue…
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Justice Committee’s recommendation welcomed by cycling campaigners

A recommendation by the Justice Select Committee, looking into the Government’s proposals to increase the small claims limit for personal injuries, has been welcomed by Cycling UK.