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Legacy giving set to rise despite pandemic, experts predict

The number of people giving to charity in their Will may rise over the next five years, despite experts predicting that legacy income would fall as a result of the pandemic.

Probate – How does the process work?

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for anyone, and the process of handling their estate may seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve given an overview of how the process of probate works, from start to finish.

The number of enquiries about Wills has increased by 70 per cent since lockdown began

The number of people enquiring about creating a Will has increased by 70 per cent since the UK began lockdown measures because of the coronavirus pandemic in March, according to research by the deVere Group.

Inheritance: High Court rules that woman who killed abusive husband can inherit his estate

The High Court has ruled that Sally Challen, a mother of two, who killed her abusive husband after suffering years of emotional abuse, can inherit his estate.

Probate applications fall during lockdown as new forms become compulsory

The Government has confirmed that applications for grants of probate have fallen by 50 per cent since lockdown began, with remote working causing delays in the system.

High Court: Inheritance dispute over farm sees brothers awarded a share of the estate

An inheritance dispute heard at the High Court has resulted in the awarding of a share of the estate to two brothers.

Government: The risk of fraud is the main obstacle to COVID-19 Wills reform

The Government has indicated that it is considering reforms to probate legislation to accommodate the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak but has cautioned against any move to suspend the requirement for two independent witnesses, owing to the fraud risk.

COVID-19 – An increasing number of people are creating Wills

There has been an increase in the number of people enquiring about making a Will since the UK’s Stay at Home measures were announced last month, limiting the circumstances in which any of us can leave our homes.

COVID-19 – HMRC relax inheritance tax process

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC has announced changed to the inheritance tax (IHT) process to ensure minimal disruption because of the coronavirus pandemic.

10 key matters having a Will allows you to control

Having a valid Will in place is essential for anyone who wants their estate to be passed on in line with their wishes to their loved ones and to protect them after you have gone.