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Supreme Court to review a long-running Inheritance Tax case against HMRC

The Supreme Court is set to review a long-running Inheritance Tax (IHT) case against HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Increase in probate disputes down to DIY Wills

The increase in the number of probate disputes being heard at the High Court is being blamed on the increasing number of DIY Wills.

Bereaved families advised to apply for probate before fee rise

Families dealing with bereavement are being advised to apply for probate before the fee rises.

Inheritance tax hits record high

Inheritance tax payments have hit record highs, according to data released by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

44 per cent of over 50’s review their Wills multiple times

A YouGov survey has revealed that 44 per cent of over-50s have changed their Will several times due to the complexities of modern family relationships.

Probate fee rise delayed as parliamentary time limited

Changes to probate fees have been delayed because of time limitations due to Brexit debates and motions, a draft statutory device is still waiting for an approval motion in the Commons.

Last year saw surge in over 45’s asking for IHT advice

The number of over-45s seeking estate planning advice has risen sharply in the past year as many struggle to understand inheritance tax (IHT) rules, research has shown.

Public are unaware of unregulated will writers

Six out of 10 consumers are unaware that will-writers are unregulated, although many people are interested in writing their own wills anyway, new research has found.

Millions of Brits prepared to contest loved ones’ wills in court

Over 12.6 million people would be prepared to go to court to dispute a will of a family member if they disagreed with the division of their estate, according to Direct Line Life Insurance research.

Britons at a loss when it comes to property inheritance tax

The lack of awareness around inheritance tax (IHT) in the UK has increased in the last year, with half (50 per cent) of liable over 45-year-olds admitting to being unaware their main property could be subject to IHT.