Divorce rates for newlyweds half in last 25 years

According to new research, the number of newlywed couples divorcing after three years of marriage has dropped by half over the last 25 years.

The data compiled by the Marriage Foundation and The Times revealed that the number of couples who file for divorce after three years of marriage has dropped by half over the past quarter century.

There has also been a sharp decrease in the number of couples divorcing after five years of marriage with the rate decreasing 39 per cent, whilst the number of couples getting divorced after being together for a decade is down by a fifth.

These new findings are positive, especially considering the separation of married couples has been on the rise since the 1960s, before hitting an all-time high in 1993.

While the decrease is likely the result of a number of factors, analysts believe that couples taking on shared responsibilities in their marriages is the driving force, with fewer women filing for divorce.

Add to that more couples choosing to marry for love and not out of pressure or societal obligations has also contributed to the change in the proportion of divorces.

However, there remains a question as to whether the decreased divorce rates are connected to the number of people getting married, with cohabitation becoming an increasingly popular alternative to tying the knot.

The most recent data from the Office for National Statistics taken in 2015 found that the marriage rates for opposite-sex couples were the lowest on record, with 21.7 marriages per thousand unmarried men and 19.8 marriages per thousand unmarried women.

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