Divorcee who received a lesser settlement because of Brexit and prenuptial agreement appeals judgment

A wife who settled with her former husband for more than £90 million has returned to court as she considers the payment unfair.

According to multiple reports, Camilla Versteegh, previously married to property magnate Gerard Versteegh, was awarded less than she would have received if she had not signed a pre-nuptial agreement before the pair wed.

It is believed Ms Versteegh signed the agreement on the night of the couple’s wedding, blocking her from any significant lien on her husband £273 million fortune.

Lawyers on behalf of Mr Versteegh also argued that his property empire was impossible to value because of the Brexit proceedings.

They divorced in 2014 after around 21 years of marriage. They had three children together and reportedly lived a “truly exceptional” lifestyle.

Ms Versteegh is said to have now argued in the Court of Appeal that “justice and fairness demands” a larger share of her former spouse’s fortune.

“Mr Versteegh adopted the position of saying that, contrary to the opinion of both experts, the value of Dooba was inestimable due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit,” Mrs Versteegh’s barrister told the court.

“The husband’s case as to the computation of the assets was obscure. These were perfectly intelligible and straightforward valuation issues for the judge to determine.

“None of the valuers suggested that Brexit meant valuation of groups such as Dooba had to be indefinitely suspended.

“The wife’s barrister opened the case with a direct attack on the suggestion advanced by the husband that valuation was not possible post-Brexit.”

According to reports, Ms Versteegh is seeking around £25 million more. Court of Appeal Judges Lord Justice Lewison, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Holroyde will give their ruling at a later date.

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Alison Green
Alison joined Mackrell Turner Garrett in 1989 and qualified as a solicitor in 1991, becoming a partner in the firm in 2010. Her expertise covers matrimonial work, including divorce and the associated financial and children issues; pre and post-nuptial agreements; co-habitation disputes; civil partnership agreements and the breakdown of civil partnerships.