Intellectual Property | Copyright Law Reforms Will Impact Businesses

According to key figures within theUK’s commercial archive market, a change in intellectual property laws, proposed within the Hargreaves Review, would leave the industry “devastated” and “destroyed”.

The Hargreaves Review, whose consultation ended last week, was an independent review which made ten recommendations to help ensure theUKhas an intellectual property framework best suited to supporting innovation and promoting economic growth within the digital age.

The changes proposed within the review, if given the go ahead, are set to overhaul copyright legislation – and therefore make it easier for businesses to innovate within the digital age.

Whilst some companies, such as Google, who have urged the government to make the recommendations law, have welcomed the proposals, the review has also faced criticism during the consultation period.

The chair of the archive trade association, Focal, Sue Malden, believes that should the proposals get the go ahead it’ll undermine the associations, and other businesses, ability to make money from licensing content.

She argued: “If this review goes through, it will destroy the industry that licenses clips of footage for reuse because the exceptions to copyright will widen what people can use without paying for it.”

A spokesperson for the Intellectual Property Office has said that the government were currently considering all responses from the consultation, and that they would publish an update within the next three months.

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