Stamp Duty Land Tax and who pays it 

When buying a residential property, many costs are involved.

There is the actual cost of the property, with prices rising steeply over recent years, and other costs like professional and legal fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), known informally as “stamp duty”.

But there may be reliefs and exceptions in certain cases.

Who pays stamp duty?

If you live in England or Northern Ireland, as of 23 September 2022 you no longer pay SDLT on the first £250,000 of a property’s value. Separate arrangements apply in Wales and Scotland.

For first-time buyers, there is no SDLT on the first £425,000 of the value of properties valued at less than £625,000.

It is the duty of the home buyer to pay the SDLT and not the seller. This is normally paid by your solicitor on your behalf as part of the purchase process.

What are the reliefs and exemptions from SDLT?

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) says an SDLT return must be completed, even if no tax is due, for:

  • First-time buyers, up to a certain limit
  • Charities buying for charitable purposes
  • Registered social landlords
  • Local authorities making compulsory purchases
  • Right to buy properties
  • Multiple dwellings
  • Building companies buying an individual’s home
  • Employers buying an employee’s house
  • Property developers providing amenities to communities
  • Companies transferring property to another company
  • Crown employees.

The tax authority says you do not have to pay SDLT or file a return if:

  • The freehold property is worth £40,000 or less
  • Transferral of the property after divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • The property is left in a will
  • You buy a new or assigned lease of seven years or more, as long as the premium is less than £40,000 and the annual rent is less than £1,000
  • You use alternative property financial arrangements, for example to comply with Sharia law.

It is advisable to get professional advice in what can be a complicated process.

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Gunduz Misiri
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