Immigration Law | Thousands of Immigrants Illegally Enter UK Under New Visa System

A National Audit Office report, set to be released today, on the UK Border Agency, reveals that up to 50,000 immigrants have illegally enteredBritain, pretending to be students.

Following a new visa system which was introduced in 2009, the National Audit Office has seen an increase in students entering the country; but it is believed many of these are on fake visa.

Despite immigration officials taking tougher measure in a bid to tighten up the system – which includes an increase in checks on colleges and applicants – the National Audit Office has found the controls are still lacking, with the number of illegal immigrants who pretend to be in education ten times higher than previous estimates.

The report reveals that the UK Border Agency, this year alone, let through between 40,000 and 50,000 illegal students, with many coming fromChina,IndiaandBangladesh.

Chair of the Public Audits Committee, Margaret Hodge, has said of the findings: “This is one of the most shocking reports of poor management leading to abuse that I have seen.

“In the first year, student visas increased by one third, as 40,000 to 50,000 individuals probably used this route to work rather than to study.

“We will need to ask some important questions of those responsible.”

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