UK commercial property investment outperforms other nations, study finds

The UK outperformed all other nations in terms of commercial real estate investment in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2017, a new study suggests.

According to BrickVest’s latest quarterly survey, which assesses 3,000 international investors each month, investment in UK commercial property soared from 27 per cent to 29 per cent among respondents in Q4.

During the same period, Germany – which has long been ranked the most attractive destination in the world for commercial property investment in BrickVest’s surveys – experienced a sharp decline in commercial property investment, down from 34 per cent to just 23 per cent.

This officially moves Britain up to the top spot – suggesting that the UK commercial real estate market continues to defy political uncertainties.

Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO at BrickVest, said that the investment market had shown considerable resilience “against a backdrop of change and uncertainty in the wider world.”

Interestingly, the group’s report found that while the City of London remained a popular investment destination in Q4, “secondary cities” such as Birmingham and Manchester also increased in popularity among investors during the period.

“Our latest barometer reveals that Germany is no longer the favoured destination for commercial real estate investment, contrary to its position in Q3 2017,” Mr Lumineau said.

“Rather, the UK has once again become the most popular region for our investors,” he said.

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Nick Davies
Nick is the Head of Property in our London office, having joined in the firm in 2005. His expertise covers a wide range of real estate transactions, with cases including both residential and commercial property deals, shops, pubs, restaurants, development sites, offices, lease renewals, enfranchisement, litigation and corporate support.