What are the most common causes of landlord and tenant disputes?

A recent study has revealed the region that has had the highest number of conflicts between landlords and tenants and the most common causes of disputes between the parties.

The research found that the most frequent cause of disputes (which has increased by 12 per cent year-on-year) are landlords deducting monies from their tenant’s deposit after the tenancy has ended without providing any explanation to the tenants. 

Deposit disputes have always been a bone of contention within the rental industry and despite the sector’s diverse makeup, they tend to focus on the same issues concerning outstanding payments, damage, cleanliness and missing inventory wherever you are.

Other common issues can include:

  • Missing items (which has increased by 10 per cent)
  • Damage to the property (which has increased by six per cent)
  • The need to redecorate (which has increased by four per cent)
  • Cleaning a property before moving (which has increased by 0.8 per cent)

The study also shows that the level of resentment caused by these disputes varies from region to region.

The proportion of rental disagreement cases per region are as follows:

  • 37 per cent – London
  • 16 per cent – South West
  • 11 per cent – North West

There is an encouraging outcome to this study, which suggest that some problems between landlords and tenants are fading. For example, disputes over rent debts are down by six per cent.

In addition, the number of disputes that escalated into the adjudication stage with the deposit protection scheme ‘mydeposits’ decreased by 2.6 per cent in 2019. Out of 9,323 disputes, 5,792 took legal action.

To discuss a property dispute you already have or to find out how you can avoid one in the future please contact our Property Disputes team.

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Rozia Ali
Rozia joined Mackrell.Solicitors in April 2019 having previously worked as a solicitor at several law firms in London. Covering a range of contentious property matters, including both residential and commercial matters, Rozia believes that client care is vital and works hard to understand the needs of her clients in order to meet their objectives.